The Network serves as the New Jersey platform bridging the gap between health outcomes and housing policy. Health issues and health itself is part of the community development work our members are doing. Many of them are directly engaged in the provision of health care services, are active in the environmental justice movement linking health and community development, and are working to remediate homes that have lead and other environmental toxins.

Members of the Network provide homes and community development services to low and moderate income individuals and families, the very same people who are in need of more affordable homes and improved access to higher quality health care.

60% of your health depends on your community – the built environment around you, the schools you attend, the job and the home that it pays for, the medical system that heals you, and the infrastructure that protects you. These social determinants of health are factors that influence the risk for a disease, vulnerability to a disease, or injury. The greatest impact is through aligned investments addressing multiple social determinants.

Your Zip Code literally determines how long you live, click here to view yours.

This intersection of Health and Housing is the space created for healthier New Jersey communities to thrive!

  1. Health Impact Assessments (HIAs)
  2. Integrating Health into planning processes
  3. Health language in RFPs
  4. Cross-sector government structures
  5. Understanding the effect of the Social Determinants of Health: the economic and social conditions and their distribution among the population that influence individual and group differences in health status.

World Health Organization: “This unequal distribution of health-damaging experiences is not in any sense a 'natural' phenomenon but is the result of a toxic combination of poor social policies, unfair economic arrangements [where the already well-off and healthy become even richer and the poor who are already more likely to be ill become even poorer], and bad politics."


The State of Equity Measurement: A background review for energy-efficiency programs by the Green & Healthy Homes Initiative 

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