Community A-Teams

New Jersey residents deserve policies and programs that foster the creation of affordable homes and strength our communities. To increase the influence of housing and community development advocates, the Network has organized geographically based Advocacy Teams. Since their launch in 2006, these A-Teams have quickly become the backbone of successful advocacy and organizing efforts at the local, state and federal level. Working all over the state, these Network members and allies participate in a range of activities that support neighborhood and citywide grassroots campaigns and advance our statewide and Federal issue agenda. These activities include:

  • organizing and attending meetings with elected and appointed officials at the local, state and federal level;
  • participating in Network advocacy events, i.e. rallies, legislative days; bus tours;
  • recruiting and engaging others to work on the A-Team agenda;
  • registering, educating and mobilizing voters around housing and community development issues; and,
  • attending planning meetings and training sessions
A-Team members are building close working relationships with key legislators and policy makers and educating them about the housing and community development issues affecting the local area. A-Teams are encouraging decision makers across the State to provide policy solutions and dedicate resources that help create affordable housing and rebuild neighborhoods.

The Network holds regular training sessions for A-Team members to hone their organizing, lobbying and advocacy skills. In addition, the Network provides A-Teams with issue information and materials, gives strategic guidance to local campaigns and builds bridges between our members across the state. If you want to help meet the housing needs of struggling families and individuals, if you want to improve the environment for CDCs, if you want policymakers to act on our issues – join our an A-Team by contacting Matt Hersh at [email protected] or 609-393-3752 x1100.

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