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The recent national election will create major changes for all of us who live and work in NJ. Given the reduction in State investment in housing and community development over the last decade, the stakes for next year's gubernatorial race couldn't be higher. Join us on December 15 to learn all about the campaign to Build a Thriving New Jersey and what steps you can take to make affordable homes a priority issue for our elected officials. Learn more

Headlines for December 6

Statement from NJ Housing Association on Trump HUD Pick

A simple idea to help the homeless, from a guy who was

4 Years After Hurricane Sandy, 2 Households Still Wait to Go Home

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Keeping Pace with a Changing Housing Market
By Terri Benson - December 6, 2016

The internet provides vast access to information but is it always accurate, let alone truly personalized?  With this in mind, successfully marketing to consumers even in the housing arena requires a new strategy.

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