Thriving Cities: A New Urban Agenda

Network members and partners have discussed supporting local communities so every neighborhood and resident has the opportunity to thrive. In consultation with an Advisory Committee of thought leaders, cutting edge practitioners and key stakeholders around New Jersey, we have crafted a comprehensive series of policy and programmatic recommendations for consideration by policymakers and industry advocates. Thriving Cities recognizes the crucial role that cities play in the livelihood of the entire state, and offers ideas for partnerships to strengthen our collective future. Members of the Advisory Committee, philanthropic supporters and other community development professionals released the report and held a discussion about next steps. Read More

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New Urban Agenda in the news:
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-Times of Trenton

"In New Jersey, a Community-Building Vision Emerges" - Non Profit Quarterly

"Challenge for NJ Cities: Gentrify Without Driving Out Less-Affluent Residents"
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The Network gratefully acknowledges support from JPMorgan Chase & Co. Global Philanthropy in this effort.