Nonprofit Community Development Organizations Release Economic Impact Report in Passaic County

Published September 10, 2015
By Javier Cabrera

PATERSON, NJ – Nonprofit organizations Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey and (HCDNNJ) New Jersey Community Development Corporation (NJCDC) presented the “Stronger Together” - a 25-year economic report, showcasing a positive impact in Passaic County and the rest of the State of New Jersey.

According to Staci A. Berger, President and CEO of (HCDNNJ) and Bob Guarasci, President and CEO of (NJCDC) the community development organizations have generated a $12 Billion state-wide economic effect; have produced 82,000 jobs in new constructions and real state rehabilitation; have provided job training to more than 10,500 local residents; have contributed $5.5 Billion in worker wages and contracts with state businesses and generated $320 million in tax revenue for the state.

In Passaic County, 65 developments were created in that time span, producing a $301 Million total economic impact with 2,300 total jobs supported and $132 Million produced in labor income.

“Last year the Network released the “Stronger Together” report at the culmination of our 25th anniversary and we went and look at the information that our members and the work that they have done over the last two and a half decades. But the report itself was really the brain child of Barbara Dunn, (Exec. Director Paterson Habitat for Humanity) …she was in our Board for nine years,” declared CEO Berger.

“We all know what we do but now everybody else does and we’re able to talk about it in small words and big pictures and give folks a really easy to understand and digest the impact of the matter… and so, we’re able to make Paterson the first place that we present any of these kind of reports, because I can’t think of any better place,” added CEO Berger.

Mayor Jose ‘joey’ Torres in welcoming remarks stated “I’m delighted that we’re here today to discuss the impact that community development corporations have had on our state and more specifically on Passaic County and Paterson. The “Stronger Together” report offers convincing evidence of the vital role that nonprofits organizations have in making our community strong.”