Every abandoned property represents an opportunity for reuse in some fashion that will be productive for the neighborhood, town or city in which it is located. One of the most important tasks facing local officials, community development corporations (CDCs), and neighborhood organizations in our communities is to devise effective strategies to return abandoned properties to productive use. It is not a simple task. It requires thoughtful, practical yet visionary planning. It also requires that communities build partnerships. No one organization, public or private, can solve this problem by itself. The first step in this process often involves the municipality or municipal agent gaining control of the abandoned property or properties in question. Below you will find links to the policy tools and ordinances needed to effectively obtain control of these properties, ultimately allowing them to be put back into productive use for the benefit of community.

The following is a training opportunity offered by the Network:

Beyond Code Enforcement: Understanding & Using Vacant & Abandoned Property Tools in Your Municipality

Vacant and abandoned properties are a persistent and pressing challenge throughout New Jersey. Municipalities are often confronted with the issue of problem properties without realizing the myriad of tools available to address them. "Beyond Code Enforcement" presents and explains the various policy tools available to municipalities to effectively combat problem properties in their jurisdictions. Topics covered include:

  • The ongoing foreclosure crisis and its impact on communities.
  • The Abandoned Properties Rehabilitation Act (APRA) tools
    • Developing an Abandoned Property List
    • Special Tax Sale - how to make them work for your municipality
    • How to use "Spot Blight" Eminent Domain
  • Vacant Property Receivership - A step you can use NOW
  • Vacant Property Registration Ordinance - Do you have one in place and are you using it effectively?
  • Out-of-State Creditor Law - Every municipality needs this in place

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at 609-393-3752 x1300.

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